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Stage 1 - Land Grab

Prospectors race against each other to obtain the best gold bearing land.  The more land you own the better chances of hitting a major prize up to $50,000. 
Strategies during this stage include:
1.  A compass direction that indicates to the closest, and best quality land,  so find an "x marks the spot" and you are guaranteed to win between 5 - 12.5x the value of the land you purchased.   
2. Cover more ground using a camel or donkey (hint the further out of town gives an advantage).
3.  Knowledge of where to look for gold will also be an advantage, as the map reflects the real world.  

Stage 2 - Mining

Stage 3 - Leaderboard Prizes distributed and start of game 2.


90% of land sales go back into the land hidden as gold and prizes.

60% of squares will win gold.  40% will win collectible cards.

When the land is mined, any gold found is paid instantly in into your Tron Wallet. 

Players can trade, sell or battle collectible cards to gain a collectible set, which can be traded in for TRX at a set value on a first in first served basis.

The top ten players receive a bonus reward based on overall rank, considering 3 categories.   When a players rank is tied with another the categories are first considered in the following order.

1.  Most Gold Mined

2. Highest Value of Collectibles Cashed in

3. Most Land Purchased

A countdown to the second game starts, note that game 1 stays open, and collectible cards from game 1 that haven't been cashed in are usable in game 2.

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Meerkat Mining - Tron Game - Video

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Murray Millwood is a local legend in Marble bar,  Australia's hottest town. He is the last of his kind - a genuine old time gold miner.  He owns the largest independent underground gold mine in Australia and has been chasing the "big find" on his own now for 17 years.  Since the filming of the ABC documentary below, the good news is he has finally found his Gold!  Murray is a inspiration to all that meet him, you can't help but be in awe.  Murray is now a close personal friend and the inspiration behind our gold mining game, Meerkat Mining (MM).  If our team possess a fraction of Murray's determination to succeed, MM will also be destined to be a success story.

Awesome Associates


What is Meerkat Mining?

Meerkat Mining is an online DApp gold mining strategy game, where the game is played and prizes are paid in Tron (TRX).  The players with the best strategies (and some luck) will win the most gold and collectibles.  


Originally developed on the ETH network, our team have chosen to switch to Tron.  Tron is currently leading the way in DApps, with more scalibility, throughput, and availability than competitors.   TRON is dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure.

Due to the changes - Meerkat Mining is now Scheduled to launch in Q1 2020 - Please subscribe at the bottom of the page for important updates (you won't be spammed).



Video by Jumbla


Music by Justin Johnson


Metal Detectors by  Garrett Australia

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