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Meerkat Mining is now ready to play with 4 options.


Option 1 - Compatible Samsung devices with in-built Blockchain Keystore.

Option 2 - PC or Mac online with a Tronlink plugin for Google Chrome.

Option 3 - Andriod devices can download TronWallet from the playstore 

option 4 - IOS devices are coming soon


Meerkat Mining is a virtual gold mining game that uses the crypto currency Tron (TRX) to both play the game and reward players. TRX is a currency with real value that can easily be converted into fiat currency.  Unlike many other crypto currencies TRX transactions are close to instantaneous, and therefore highly suited to to gaming.  The Tron Foundation has a heavy focus on games and very good developer support.  Meerkat Mining can be played from the point of view of a player, inverstor, trader, gambler, collector or fighter (battle scences hidden in the game).  You may choose to have a combination or single minded approach.  The players with the best strategies will do well, and top players on the leaderboard are rewarded handsomely.  If you can't be bothered with strategy any lcuky player can still win up to $50,000 simply from owning and mining one land.  Get in early as the land price increases with time and the best gold can be found with the compass direction clue given in each purchase.

If you have used crypto before, purchasing TRX from an exchange will be second nature.  If you are new, there are many youtube videos on how to purchase TRX.   If you have any questions on the process please email 


Once you have some TRX choose from one of the options below to start playing and race to find the best gold bearing lands!

Option 1 - Samsung Devices with built in  Blockchain Keystore

To play Meerkat Mining on your samsung device it needs to have the built-in blockchain keystore.  To check if your Samsung device is compatible go to Settings>Biometrics and Security> If you see "Samsung Blockchain Keystore" your device is compatible.

All countries can download Meerkat Mining from the Galaxy store but it will only work if you have a:

Samsung S20 from one of 13 countires - USA, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Denmark.

Samsung A90 5g from one of 12 countries - South Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland.

Galaxy Z Flip or Note 10 series from one of 10 Countries - USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Denmark.

Galaxy Fold or S10 from one of 3 Countries - South Korea, USA or Canada 

If you have the Blockchain Keystore on your device​ then first download from the galaxy store  "Smasung Blockchain Wallet"




Transfer your purchased TRX into your Samsung Wallet then download Meerkat Mining from the galaxy store and play.

Samsung Wallet.jpg

Option 2 - Tronlink plugin for Google Chrome

Option 3 - Andriod Devices Download Tron Wallet from the Google Playstore 

Option 4 - IOS Coming soon

To play online with PC or Mac, downloan Tronlink plugin for Google Chrome.  Note initial download time is long when using online.

Login to Tronlink.  Transfer TRX to Wallet and visit

Andriod devies can download Tron Wallet from the Google Play store.  Transfer TRX to the wallet and then click on the world symbol on the bottom left and the enter the URL Note Option 3 had not yet been optimise for landscape mode.

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